Modern Business Plan

Modern Business Plan presentation template is contains various types of infographics and diagrams that you can use to visualize your data, data analysis results and etc. This ‘Modern Business Plan’ presentation template is a package of 3 different color themes and 2 different sizes. The charts are linked to excel so that you can easily modify them.


  • 120 slide (color: red, grey, green)
  • PPTX files
  • All elements, colors, shapes and charts can be modified and edited easily
  • Fonts: Ropa Sans (
  • Image Resolution: Full HD PowerPoint presentation
  • License: All photos included

Thank you and we hope you make the best use out of our templates!

Any comments and questions are welcome, so please feel free to speak out!

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Date created:08/09/2015
Last update:08/09/2015
FILE FORMAT(S):pptx, ppt
LICENCES:Simple Licence

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